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Dress Code

The dress code expectations are as follows:

Proper attire will be required while on premises. This shall be considered to be “country club casual” (except where noted otherwise). Country club casual shall be considered as the following:

List of Rules
  • Casual or dress slacks for men or women, appropriate, nonrevealing, skirts, dresses and blouses for ladies
  • Collared shirt for men, dress or casual shoes
  • The Member is responsible to inform all family members and guests of this policy and is responsible for ensuring their family members and guests are attired properly.


It is the desire of My MobiCom Club to provide a cordial, professional and casual family environment for its Members to enjoy. As such, the Board of Governors has adopted the following dress code policy to foster an environment of respect, courtesy and decorum while balancing Member comfort and facility with the goal of maintaining My MobiClub Club as one of Dallas’ premier country clubs.

List of Rules
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. It is customary for shirts to be tucked in unless attire is specifically designed otherwise.
  • Jeans and denim are permitted in The Grille, Ladies’ locker room and Men’s locker room.
  • No cutoffs, halter tops, bare midriff tops, revealing, faded, torn or tattered clothing of any type, wind or jogging shorts, scrubs or T-shirts designed as strictly undergarments are not appropriate attire and are not permissible.
  • Concert, novelty, slogan or offensive T-shirts are prohibited.
  • Swimwear shall not be allowed in the main clubhouse, main dining room, tennis pro shop or the grille at any time. Facilities are available to change before proceeding to other areas of the country club.
  • On Sundays, gentlemen (21 and older) are required to wear a jacket in the main dining room. Casual dress (denim jeans, golf attire, tennis attire) will not be allowed to enter or be seated in the main dining room during Sunday Brunch.

Main Dining Room (Lakeview Room)

Country club casual (as herein defined) shall be the minimum standard for the main dining room (except Sunday brunch) unless otherwise specified.

List of Rules
  • Gentlemen (ages 21 or older) shall be required to wear jackets for Sunday brunch. Jackets are made available for dining from the Club staff.
  • Dress code for private parties and special Member events in the Lakeview Room.

The Grille

Country club casual (as herein defined) shall be the standard attire for the grille dining area.

List of Rules
  • Approved tennis attire and golf attire is also acceptable for the grille.
  • Jeans and denim is acceptable attire in The Grille and Men’s Locker Room.


Dress code while playing golf

List of Rules
  • Casual slacks with collared shirts only (or as allowed herein).
  • Shorts or skorts of mid-thigh length or longer (hemmed) may be worn. Jeans, jean shorts or denim are not permitted.
  • Golf shirts must have collar and sleeves. No T-shirts are allowed. Raised collar dress T’s with sleeves or mock turtleneck with sleeves will be acceptable. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Soft spiked golf shoes shall be mandatory. Tennis shoes with smooth, nonabrasive soles may be worn as an alternative to regulation golf shoes. No tennis shoes with raised, ribbed or abrasive soles shall be worn.


Attire rules while using the pool

List of Rules
  • Regulation swimwear designed for swim activities.
  • Two-piece swimwear may be worn so long as it provides appropriate cover. No thongs, string bikinis, offensive or revealing swimwear will be permitted.
  • Swim cover wear and shoes shall be worn to and from the pool at all times. Beach shoes are permitted.